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Jokaso Wastewater Treatment Technology

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* What are the common problems in businesses and companies that generate domestic wastewater?
- It costs too much to build a 3-compartment septic tank, a huge obstacle for businesses in the early stages of starting a business.
- Strong odors radiate to the surrounding area, need to be isolated, must use exhaust fans, sometimes have to use chemicals to treat odors, ... very expensive.
- The microbiological system in the treatment system is often unstable, from which the treated wastewater does not meet the standards issued by the state. The most common criteria are: BOD, total Nitrogen, Ammonia (NH4+), coliform;
- The system uses many equipment, from which the cost of maintenance and repair is high, including equipment such as: many pumps (collection pump, air conditioner pump, circulating sludge pump, sewage sludge pump, drainage pump, metering pump) chemical quantity), stirrer, chemical mixer, slurry, air blower.
* The above consequences are even more serious for businesses such as:
- The cost for treating 1 cubic meter of high wastewater, from 8,000 to 12,000 VND, includes the cost of electricity, chemicals, labor, maintenance of machinery and equipment;
- The system is complicated, it will be difficult for non-specialist to operate;
- Large construction area, long construction and installation time;
- Expenses for collection and treatment of sewage sludge and for periodically vacuuming septic tanks.

 Wastewater treatment will be much more expensive if the wrong solution is chosen

Meanwhile, the above problems would not appear at our domestic wastewater treatment system if we had better technological solutions – modern biotechnology to treat domestic wastewater at the source!
Since the 1970s, wastewater treatment technology at source (Jokaso) has been widely applied in Japan to treat at the source of domestic wastewater generated from households - wastewater treatment equipment. At source Jokaso has been improved over time and is an indispensable universal device for every household in Japan today.
The modern waste technology is built by the South Side.

However, it is not suitable to use Jokaso technology for domestic wastewater treatment systems in Vietnam, because:
- Vietnam's climate conditions are not the same as those in Japan.
- The standards applied in Vietnam are not consistent with those in Japan (for example, the Ammonia standard (NH4+) in Japan is 20 mg/l, while in Vietnam it is 5 -10 mg/l (column A =>B).
Therefore, in order to apply domestic wastewater treatment technology at Jokaso source in Vietnam, Dai Nam Environmental Solutions Company has flexibly improved the treatment system process to suit the conditions in Vietnam and it has been applied very successfully in the works we have done...
The process of domestic wastewater treatment at the source we perform:
Flowchart of the technological process of domestic wastewater treatment Jokaso
Customers who can use our domestic wastewater treatment technology at source include places where domestic wastewater is generated such as:
- Office buildings;
- High-rise apartment buildings, residential areas;
- Villas and resorts;
- Hospitals, medical stations, polyclinics;
- Company, factory, warehouse;
- Restaurant Hotel.
Why are these the customers that DAI NAM is targeting?

  Buildings, including hotels, buildings, apartment buildings, etc. have wastewater generated from waste sources such as: bathing, cooking, house cleaning, toilet wastewater…

  There are targets BOD, COD, SS, coliform are quite high, need to be treated before being discharged into the environment to minimize the pollution of our living environment.

So what are the benefits and values ​​when installing domestic wastewater treatment technology at Jokaso source that we bring to you?

  Waste water treatment by modern biotechnology - using microorganisms of natural origin that are not harmful to humans and the environment, do not use any chemicals except chlorine for disinfection after treatment;
  The system is designed to be relatively simple, the materials used in the equipment are durable and easy in the process of operating the treatment system;
  Treatment technology in wastewater treatment equipment does not generate sludge, significantly reducing costs for sludge collection and transportation such as biological activated sludge technology;
  The system operates stably, ensuring compliance with state standards (QCVN 14:2008 – National technical regulation on domestic wastewater) at any time;
  The treatment technology of wastewater treatment equipment at the source can meet the strict requirements on output wastewater quality for all wastewater sources with organic components as the main component.
  Construction time is much shorter than traditional technology (because it has been processed almost entirely at the installation workshop), construction time is only 5-7 days if customers use block technology by Composite pre-assembled.

   Saving area for construction of treatment tanks, no need to build septic tanks, conditioning tanks, sludge and sludge storage tanks;
   Saving investment costs, operating costs, electricity costs: the system only uses 2 air blowers, not using many pumping equipment;
   Operation cost is very economical, treatment cost for 1 m3 of wastewater is not more than 2,000 VND;
   Minimizing waste collection and treatment costs compared to traditional technology;
   No cost for septic tank vacuuming;

  The system does not generate bad odors around, can make parking right on the ceiling of the treatment tank;
  Waste water after treatment can be reused for purposes such as: watering plants, washing floors, cleaning factories and offices

 Dai Nam environmental solution company commits to warranty the system within 24 months for all customers.

 Especially, we give our customers HOT GIFTS to support customers in consulting for making discharge records, periodic environmental monitoring reports in 24 months COMPLETELY FREE.

For more details and free consultation, please contact: email: or phone: 0909738796

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