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Microbial MBBR Japan supports maximum waste water treatment


Microbial MBBR is one of the most complete support methods for wastewater treatment. If you have not, you can refer to the article below.

What is the most advanced water filtration technology in the industry today?


RO and Nano are the two leading industrial water purification technologies widely applied in industrial water purification systems. What is the difference between these two technologies and what is the high-tech than the concern of many customers.

Current industrial water filtration methods


Industrial water purification has long been a concern for scientists. This is a decisive factor in the quality and cost of finished products. Currently, using activated carbon, using sterilization technologies, RO reverse osmosis and distillation are the most common filtration methods.

Waste water treatment technology: Why create?


Environmental pollution in general and water pollution due to the operation of factories, workshops, including plating is one of the priority issues. Researching and introducing the technologies of plating water treatment is a way to improve the status of waste water output.

Waste water treatment process and things to know


The plating wastewater contains high levels of inorganic salts and heavy metals. Therefore, the treatment process of the plating wastewater must ensure the removal of such substances so that their concentration does not exceed the permitted level before discharging environment.


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